Saturday, September 30, 2017


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in today's video we´ll talk about investing in gas distribution companies, which i think is an interesting sector in the long term (cherm).
Gas Natural, one of the most important gas companies in Spain, has sold to the insurance company Allianz and Canada's pension fund a small part of its distribution grid, at a high price.
There were two other such transactions lately, in which key (ki) international players participated: on one case, Goldman Sachs (sacks), and on the other GP Morgan, Swisslife and Abu Dhabi (dahbi) Investment.
The objective of these investments were a constant income from dividends, and stability from investing in solid companies.
Who are these investors?
-massive international funds
-sovereign funds like Norway's or some from the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi.
-very large Insurance companies from the US and Europe.
These are the kind of investors I expect they know where they are getting into (intu).

In Spain there are 2 companies in this sector that I think are very interesting for any portfolio: enagas and gas natural.
In the world there are a miriad (meriad) of them, but I think the ones that will be more active right now will be the italian and french ones.
I am still buying enagas bit by bit, as I bet on stability and increasing dividends, and I think Enagas is one of the best options that check these conditions in the eurozone.

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